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Friday, January 13, 2012

Soleilvert-New Band To Burn One To

Heavy Planet presents..."New Band To Burn One To"-SOLEILVERT.


Created In November 2010 in Paris, France, SOLEILVERT gathers experimented members who have played in many bands before. Coming from different horizons and influenced by many styles, creating osmosis has been fast. Affiliated to the Stoner scene, SOLEILVERT produces powerful, energetic, raw and uncompromising music, a music coloured of metal, hardcore and punk that delivers with an " in your face" direction. First songs have been written quickly . In June 2011, the first EP "Dear Domineering" was recorded at studio LA & B by Leo No-Edit. without any record LABEL, Soleilvert is a self-produced BAND.

SOLEILVERT takes its name by reference to Richard Fleischer’s movie released in 1973.


"Translating to Green Sun, Soleilvert from Paris, France rocks your face off with the gravitas of  hard-driving Stoner Metal. Seering riffs, anguished vocals, emphatic foot-stomping rythyms, and a high-speed intensity ignite the band's propensity for exhibiting some truly scorching tuneage. Crank this shit up!"

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