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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Sludge: VYGR, Lazarus Blackstar, Godsize

This week I am going to try something a little different. Instead of featuring one new band, I will feature a triple shot of Sunday Sludge. Each band's sound will be a different sub-genre of sludge. Ex. Southern, Atmospheric, Hardcore, etc. I will still feature one influential/more well known band every other week. Let me know what you think. Now onto this week's bands...


The first band is Atmospheric Sludge band VYGR from Boston, MA. Blending the drone and gloom of bands such as Cult of Luna, Mare, and Neurosis with downtuned riffs reminiscent of Crowbar and Old Man Gloom, VYGR (pronounced 'Voyager') adds their own experimental, space-oriented sound to create a crushingly heavy soundtrack for altered states of mind. The band has just released a new album called "Hypersleep".

Influences: Cult of Luna, Mare, Swans, Katatonia, Crowbar, Failure, Sleep, Cave In, Neurosis, Editors, The Cure.

Next up is Sludge/Doom band Lazarus Blackstar from Bradford, UK. Formerly called Khang. Bryan Outlaw(Threads) quit during the process of writing Khang's second LP because he disliked the direction the music was going in (too slow and heavy). The band recorded the album anyway without vocals. A mutual friend suggested that Paul Catten (The Sontaran Experiment), a vocalist the band admires, could use the position, so they let him hear the CD and 30 seconds into the first track he said he needed to be involved. They changed their name during the recording of the 2004 demo because the feel was much different from Khang, and Lazarus Blackstar was born. In March 2008 Mikhell replaced Paul on vocals.  The band is currently in the studio mixing tracks for a new album TBD.

Influences:  Saint Vitus / Sleep / Trouble / Black Sabbath / Eyehategod / Neurosis / Amebix / Candlemass / Autopsy / etc.

The final band I have for you today is Sludge/Hardcore band Godsize from Birmingham, UK. Godsize formed in May 2000. Playing the UK and Ireland with bands such as Anthrax,Raging Speedhorn, Dragonforce, Viking Skull and Skindred (to name a few). First full album release "Hymns for the Fallen" came in 2008 through Meltdown Records. They have just recorded their follow up album and are looking to release it early this year.

Influences: Raging Speedhorn, Iron Monkey and Black Sabbath.



  1. Nice feature - Godsize is fantastic, and I'm loving what I hear from VYGR. Maybe more metal than sludge, but the guitar sound is great.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Awesome!! Godsize bass player Dave is also the Alunah guitarist... Godsize are splitting up in Oct though :(


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