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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Signo Rojo

The "New Band To Burn One To" is Signo Rojo.


"Blekinge, the name of the part of Sweden SIGNO ROJO hails from loosely translates to "Pale nothing"... That could be seen as somewhat indicative of the national character of the nation that has spawned some of the best harder-edged musical groups around these last decades.

Also cheap furniture.

SIGNO ROJO is an entity with both fleet firmly planted. One foot is anchored in the deep sludge of southern USA and the other planted in the etheral world of introspective post-metal. The dangly bits inbetween have, on the other hand, been dipping into a wide variety of places. Be it crust-punk, doom-metal, classic prog or hardrock, SIGNO ROJOs privates has had an intimate history with it.

The Band proper was formed in the late autumn of 2009, when the four members met at a local metal-show. They began writing almost immediatly and spent the following winter and spring cooked up in the rehersalroom constructing and shaping a dynamic live-set that continues to evolve to this day. The following summer they started their crusade of gathering as much live experience as possible with their hopes set high on a touring future. A hardworking band is a healthy band and SIGNO ROJO craves the excitement, the energy and the positive social interactions you only get at a live show."

Sweden's Signo Rojo bleeds crushing riffs into atmospheric down-tempo sludge. Their influences range from Mastodon to Neurosis and it is evident throughout the album. Vocalist/bassist Jonas Nilsson growls his way through each track albeit maybe a bit to high in the mix, but he is a pretty good "growler" nonetheless. Usually post-metal albums tend to stray a bit because of their length, but there is enough pummeling riffage to keep the listener interested and the songs do not get too long with last track "Apotheosis" clocking in at only 8:43. The band currently has the album available as a  free download on their Bandcamp site.


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