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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Albatross Overdrive

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Today's New Band To Burn One to is southern California's Albatross Overdrive

I will go on record to say that if it wasn't for Chybucca sounds top 50 of 2010, it may have been a while before I heard of this fine kick ass rock and roll band. They describe them as "The Huntington Beach four-piece hint at what Black Sabbath may have sounded like had Duane Allman been on the axe. Their sound is southern, but not fried, and full-on without being pigeonholed into metal." That's a pretty accurate description. You can hear hints of Kyuss but the sound more closely resembles Ride the Sun or to a lesser degree, Whores of Tijuana.

Albatross Overdrive is a heavy rock band formed in early 2005. The nucleus was made up of Dan Silva on vocals, Rodney Peralta on drums and Davey Obade on bass guitar. Working hard yet naturally to write songs to accompany influences ranging from bands like UFO, Mountain, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, to Clutch, Rage against the Machine and Pearl Jam; Albatross Overdrive hit the local bar and club scene to test their live performance.

Local shows around Orange County included Fitzgerald’s, Blue CafĂ© Long Beach, The Knitting Factory and playing with local bands such as Sasquatch, Anglo Jackson, Leatherwolf, Amplifires, and Sky Wreck. Later dates included playing House Of Blues and The Key Club in which we were an opener for Steel Panther aka Metal Skool. During the live performances and between studio practice, Albatross Overdrive recorded a 5 song demo at Griff Dogs records in Huntington Beach with local engineer Derek Philips. Who has worked with local legends and who we consider a brother band to Albatross Overdrive, the band Anglo Jackson.

After settling into their own in late 2007 with the addition of guitarist Andy Robinson, the sound of Albatross Overdrive had reached a new level. Live shows seemed to prove what we were capable of and what we had to offer.

2010 saw the addition of Andrew Luddy on guitars, replacing Andy Robinson. His fluid playing and brakeless guitar kept Albatross Overdrive soaring without missing a beat.

After recording a full length 11 song album, Rodney has been coined the “one take wonder” and continues to awe the rest of his band mates. The guitars are nothing less than inspirational…according to us and Davey…well, let’s just say he lives the life of an 80 year old retiree that just happens to love bass guitar more than beer, or, well I won’t go that far. What’s Dan Silva’s favorite band? Ask him, he’ll tell you Albatross Overdrive. But that’s from mutual respect, passion and love for music.

“Non image based rock and roll…Clint Eastwood never wore make up or painted his nails and neither should you. “-Davey Obade
You can hear the entire debut album on the bands Myspace page. It can be purchased directly from the band through their website.

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