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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hollow Leg: Two-Man Band From the Florida Swamplands

There has been a tremendous buzz about Jacksonville, FL band Hollow Leg as of late. This two-man band consisting of Guitarist/vocalist Brent and Drummer Tim transplanted from the Boston area to the Sunny state of Florida. While in the Boston area the two cut their teeth on the local Punk and Hardcore scene. Once the two arrived in Florida they began to incorporate some Stoner/Sludge elements into their sound a la Orange Goblin, Bongzilla and Cavity. The band has just released their first full-length "Instinct" via their Bandcamp site and believe me the band does not disappoint. Do not let the lack of musicians deter you from listening to this release. Each song on the album bellows crushing riffs in a sludge-like fashion while Brent barks his vocal at you. For the most part the songs are all played at the same tempo, slow but not dirge. The band does manage to speed things up a bit on the track "The Return". On the last song on the album, "Wayside" which is an instrumental, the band throws in a nice bluesy acoustic guitar reminding one of the swamp sludge influence. I found myself continuously hitting the repeat button because I just couldn't let go of the groove.



  1. I've seen these guys open for Juicifer at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville. The blog above is right on! They play off each other very well. You can tell they are serious about their music and crush it!

  2. Ha, I've been to Jack Rabbits! Like 2 or 3 years ago to see a free show by MC Chris. I know it's not stoner or metal but his stuff is funny and he puts on a great live show


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