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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! New Band To Eat Turkey To-Pilgrim Fathers

Happy Thanksgiving! The "New Band To Eat Turkey To" is appropriately called The Pilgrim Fathers.

The Pilgrim Fathers are an experimental spaced-out stoner rock band from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Coming on like prog rock giants Hawkwind but in the heavier, post-Sunn 0))) world, the Nottingham, U.K., act Pilgrim Fathers rightfully declare their sound “music for astronauts to die to.”

The band toured the U.K. both solo and with 65daysofstatic before signing with the adventurous label Undergroove. In early 2008, BBC DJ Daniel P. Carter gave the band its big break when he world premiered the track “Gold, GOLD!” on the Radio 1 Rock Show.

They dropped their debut album, Short Circular Walks in the Hope Valley April 08’ followed soon after by the ‘Doctor Niall Bombast (black) and his Tight Minded Scope Trooper (dog)’ E.P in 2009 and more touring, including an eight week European outing with Nebula and Monster Magnet .

The band currently has some tunes up on their MySpace and Last.fm pages for you to check out.

Pilgrim Fathers are:

Shelf - Vox/ Effects.
Feg - Guitars.
Rafe - Guitars.
Sam Lloyd - Bass Guitar.
Kev Richardson - Drums.

What others are saying:

"Though this EP’s preposterous name (‘Dr Niall Bombast (Black) & His Tight Minded Scope Trooper (Dog)’) lets slip that these Nottingham prog-loons have a sense of humour, it’s nonetheless relieving when its 14-minute, 40-second title track turns out not to be a wearying mass of widdly solos and conceptual blather, but actually kind of fun. All clean, crunchy metallics and satisfyingly meaty crescendos – with just a soupcon of spacey electronic haze for contrast – this is prog at its most enjoyably visceral, least tediously art-school. Second track ‘Black Sail Pass’ doesn’t leave quite such an impression, but the concluding ‘The Unusual Woods’ really makes the EP, a loose, pagan-folk boogie, electronics heaved overboard in favour of the type of menacing harmonies and swampy brass that’d have Nick Cave twiddling his moustache in approval."-Andrzej Lukowski (Rocksound.tv)


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