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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Album Of The Day-Black NASA-"Self-Titled" (2002)

The Album Of The Day isthe self-titled 2002 from Black NASA.


Possibly the most restless member of the Jersey stoner rock community, bassist/singer Chris Kosnik had barely laid his prior band, the Atomic Bitchwax, to rest before returning to action in mid-2002 with new power trio, Black NASA. Yet, despite such historical proximity, the two groups are almost polar opposites when it comes to the ever-broadening stoner rock umbrella. This is because, while the Atomic Bitchwax seemed to serve primarily as a vehicle for guitarist Ed Mundell's incredible technical acrobatics, Black NASA is a much more groove-based, band-oriented project. Listeners expecting the former group's explosive brand of inspired showmanship will be terribly disappointed by what they hear here, but those more interested in the no-less-important art of band interplay will greatly enjoy this song-oriented set. Sounding rather like an East Coast Fu Manchu with a hankerin' for slide guitar (courtesy of capable six-stringer Duane Hutter), Black NASA patiently slides into gear, reaching an early high with the slow-burning "Hot Van" and the foot-stomping "Monkey Knife Fight" before launching into a full-fledged "Radar Love" tribute/piss-take of "Ribeye Love." With its discreet but insistent use of synthesizers and a start-stop chorus section, the very impressive "Cops" arguably qualifies as the album's best-realized composition, but subsequent first single "Diamond Girl" isn't far behind. And following the disc's only extended (and rather dull) space-out jam, closer "El Segundo" signs off for the evening with one of those classic, pacing, two-note AC/DC riffs one can't help but love. In the end, Black NASA is as difficult an album to warm up to as it is ultimately rewarding. ( Ed Rivadavia, AMG)

Track Listing:

01. Holy Crap Black Nasa 03:56
02. I Don't Have To Hide Black Nasa 02:48
03. Hot Van Black Nasa 04:24
04. Monkey Knife Fight Black Nasa 03:05
05. Ribeye Love Black Nasa 03:26
06. Cops Black Nasa 02:40
07. Diamond Girl Black Nasa 04:02
08. Walkin, Talkin, Blackout Mode Black Nasa 08:30
09. El Segundo Black Nasa 04:21



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