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Friday, May 12, 2017

QUICK HIT: Cloud - "Indeterminate"

Cloud have been around for a short minute, releasing their first EP on bandcamp back in 2015. "Indeterminate" is their second release. It's savory. It's toothsome. It's intoxicating. I very much hope this Pittsburgh trio thrive and continue to manufacture psychedelic stoner/doom riffage just as they have done here and extend that minute into legend and legacy.

The perception sometimes is that instrumental music has to work that extra bit at developing enough creativity to engage and entertain those who experience their music due to the absence of vocals, and the structure vocals tend to supply in stanza and chorus. If that's the case, then mission accomplished, Cloud. There is no ramp up period on any track as each song manages to immediately connect to an atmosphere of intrigue and a depth of discovery. They do this by expertly and eloquently wielding their instruments of stoner brilliance, cranking up the fuzz factor in addictive riffs of low-tuned ecstasy and psychedelic progressivism.

Cloud have added a cunning deviation in the middle of the song selections by inserting the provocative song "Desert Weed" in which they've recruited the vocal inspiration of Mephistofeles' Gabriel Ravera, whose style, at least on this particular rendition, is a magnificent homage to the metal legend of Ozzy Osbourne.

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