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Friday, July 1, 2016

EP Review: The Skull - Self Titled

The Skull EP includes two former members of Chicago doomsters Trouble, including original vocalist Eric Wagner as well as members of both Pentagram and Witch Mountain.

 If you’re missing the old Trouble and their newest singer just isn’t winning you over, look no further than The Skull. The Skull is what we’ve come to expect from Trouble, gloomy—almost gothic—yet hopeful in its spiritually-fueled lyrics. A first-rate homage to what once was. Though there is that distinct tone missing that guitarists Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell brought to Trouble, for me hearing The Skull is like cranking out classic Trouble, complete with bouncy Sabbath-influenced breakdowns and Wagner’s somber vocal style.

I was pleasantly surprised by this. While I’d rather have Wagner find himself fronting Trouble once again, this is certainly the next best thing and at this point I'll take it over the most recent from Wagner's old band.

The EP closes with two live recordings. While I would have preferred a few new tracks, these are exceptionally recorded with one of them being a song from Trouble’s 1984 release Psalm 9.

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  1. Badass stuff. But I can't find where/when I can get my filthy paws on it -


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