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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Band Submission: Yurt-Progressive Noise Metal From Dublin, Ireland

Band Name: Yurt
Genre: Progressive Noise / Sonic Attack / Prog Rock / Metal
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Brief Bio/Description: The sonic elders of YURT gathered at the dusk of 2006 with a criteria of conducting experiments in the broader field of progressive noise. On the occasion of winter solstice 2009 , a celebration of voluminous soundwaves entitled EGE ARTEMIS YURTUM was offered up to the legions of sonic guerillas, cerebral oscillators and other assorted hellspawn.

After a subsequent period in cryopreservation, there were rumours of a thaw and some manner of wretched behemoth arising from the miasma of silence. At the 2011 winter solstice, a construct was bestowed upon the terrestrial populus – ARCHIPELAGOG.

Again there was silence – a vacuum suggesting the will to remain a sonic footnote.

Ultimately, gestation is indeterminable in all matters pertaining to the sonic elders of YURT – There was no identifiable trajectory leading up to the announcement of YURT III – MOLLUSKKEPOKK in early 2016. As the sonic elders of YURT would volunteer by way of explanation…

” … while doing nothing is simply sloth, maintaining the facade of doing very little takes a lifetime to master… “.

The sonic elders of YURT have spoken.
Band Members:
Boz Mugabe - Bass, Vocals, electronics
Steven Anderson - Guitar, Vocals, electronics
Andrew Bushe - Drums
Links:  Bandcamp | YouTube | Website | Facebook

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