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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Album Reviews: Hurriah's "Cosmosotic" and "Mother Sky"

I'm doing something just slightly unusual here and offering up 2 albums from today's band under review, Hurriah. The albums are the recently released (Jan., 2016) "Cosmosotic", a full length, ten song nuclear bomb of psychedelic explosions, and the equally ionic, iconic "Mother Sky", a 4 song EP released May of 2015.

If you visit Hurriah's bandcamp page they describe themselves as the slag product of Sweden's heavy industries and their music as fast and heavy rock and roll. Eh! There's just a dab bit more to it than that, I assure you. What you will hear when spinning either album is some super slick psychedelic rock music with hooks on top of vicious razor riffs on top of beautifully crafted lyrics and wonderfully harmonic vocals perpetuating a sonic experience of primal fury coated in polymer precision and encased in high impact imagination. Hurriah's music is in rarefied company with their harmonic vocal approach which adds a clean, sweet spice to their dark energy groove as it expands your consciousness and excites your stoner soul.

The two Jespers, Österberg and Johansson, hail from Borlänge, Sweden and handle all the duties on these two offerings, but are looking for a bass player that will allow them to go on tour. Here! Here! I raise a glass to that endeavor because I think the world will thoroughly enjoy what these industrial music monsters have to offer.


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