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Thursday, September 24, 2015

LP Review: Death is the Mother of Beauty by DoOom

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Almost a year since Barrytown, New York, instrumental doomsters DoOom released their Pure EP with much aplomb, the heavy grave dwellers are back with their full-length Death is the Mother of Beauty, and it’s a record that meets every expectation you will have from an instrumental fuzzy doom stoner drone band (yes, that good).

The album opens with deathly fuzzy feedback style demonic riffs, like all good doom bands do, with the concrete-style heavy ‘Greate Ape’ with even heavier undercurrents of stoner riffs seismically destroying the idea that the song was going down a deep droned-out path, but instead becomes a heavy song to almost thrash to. The beauty of DoOom is that they don’t necessarily fit to the “rules” of the doom genre, instead giving it a necessary kick up its gloomy arse when it’s needed.

Like many bands in the instrumental genre, the tight line between excellent and boring is tread without much other choice, but what stands the good out from the not so, is the band’s song structures, the layers they add to each track, either standing each out as a standalone song, or as a piece of a collective journey within the album. The poorer instrumentalists stand out a mile away, DoOom however fall into the first category, and make you question why there is a need for vocals in the first place. A track such as ‘Nothing Above, Nothing Below’ perfectly epitomises the band’s abilities, a deep fuzz riff smothers the top of the doom-onic underbelly that drives the band, at first screaming at you, before gently settling back to tell its story, before building once again to an apocalyptic conclusion of a psychedelic guitar soloing amongst a tsunami of riffs.

DoOom manage to make each track not only sound like the end of the world, but they make the occasion into a really good thing. Death is the Mother of Beauty is a fantastic record which fits into every genre you love about heavy music, it will satisfy lovers of the riff, fans of doom, and provide a gateway to introduce new people to what the genre has to offer, it’s really that good!


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