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Friday, July 10, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Eternal Black

While the name Eternal Black may conjure up notions of the heaviest funeral doom, corpse paint, and trudging demonic doom that only the die-hard doom fans can conquer, these doomsters worship heavily at the altar of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich in all his Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed, and Saint Vitus mastering glory. The Brooklyn, New York, three piece (consisting of Joe Wood on drums, Hal Miller on bass, and Ken Wohlrob on guitar and vocals) are paving their musical journey full of doom blues that is as enticing as it is menacing.

Their gloriously groovy/doomy/bluesy/fuzzy self-titled EP has just been released on their own record label, Obsidian Sky Records, and it will soon be garnering praise from all corners of the music world as the riffs are thick, the vocals bluesy, and all the while the music resonates around the base ground of doom, the murky kind that will knife you in the guts at night.

While we’re under no doubt that Eternal Black have the potential to create an outstandingly heavy doom blues record in the future, the fact is they’ve already created one with their first EP, and while it is a Wino influenced sound, the band are proud to wear their influences on their sleeve and show how they have come to be, and now it’s their sound that we get to indulge ourselves in too!


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