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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

EP Review: Zep Tepi by Void King

Heavy Southern-Sludge-Rock’n’Roll-Riffs are the words to give many of us metaphorical boners out there across Heavy Planet, and with the songs brutally deployed by Indianapolis’ Void King on their debut EP Zep Tepi, the headbangs and fist pumps are an equally joyous natural reaction to some killer doomy riffs.

Often displaying elements of slow drudging metal mixed around country-tinged southern rock, the hairy s.o.bs pull you slowly in with Jason Kindred’s whiskey soaked vocals before the heavy riffs lay their siege to the side of your skull in opening track ‘Release The Hawks’ as the song fritters between standard driving Rock’n’Roll jumps, to metal-like riffs, to downcast sludging, all the while shadowed by bluesy vocals inviting you in. The chugging percussion on ‘Raise The Flags On Fire’ carry the song on a juggernaut of suffocating riffs before the standout ‘DFI (That Was Not An Owl)’ finishes the EP off in style with a gloriously doom-esqe riff building into an onslaught of balls-to-the-wall heavy-ass Rock’n’Roll floors you with its finishing techniques.

Zep Tepi is over far too quick, but what else can you expect at three songs? But it has served to whet our appetites for a debut record of what will surely be of epic proportions from these guys in the hopefully not too distant future. Until then, overkill yourselves on these tracks of Southern heaviness.


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