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Monday, November 17, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: Limestone Whale

Personally speaking, I never grew up in the 1970s, hell I wasn’t even born then either, but when I sit back and imagine the haze filled days of experimentation and freedom, it’s usually soundtracked by something very similar to what Limestone Whale effortlessly do; delicate but leading bendy guitars, always tinkering on the edge of destruction but always happy to remain distant to the urge, vocals that require a voice to actually sing, and not simply yell, and a solid percussion of someone who has almost baked all of their brains. This is the Seventies I choose to believe in, I shall fail to be convinced otherwise.  

Aside from my culturally influenced assertions, what really matters is that Schwandorf, Germany, have just bellowed out a new, lightly tinged, doom stoner band, with enough caress and power to sooth many a mind. Their self-titled debut EP explores all stoner-heads territory whist being enclosed in the fist of doom’s embrace, highlighted perfectly on the track ‘White Flat’, a glorious slow tempo doom track which almost bursts into moments of serenity. But, it’s the bluesy elements to Limestone Whale’s sound, evident on ‘The Wizard’ and ‘Acid Entrance’, that lead back to those imaginary seventies hazy days, of headphones on, while the record spins 45rpm on the deck, just wanting to remain in the moment for a lifetime.

There’s a definite resurgence in throwback 70’s psychedelia in the scene at the moment, and all that matters now is to be the best at it, and Limestone Whale all well placed on our radars to evolve an album which makes us want to grab a tie-dyed shirt, roll a fat one, and get lost inside our own minds. Peace man!  

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