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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: Byzanthian Neckbeard

Every now and then, Hell spits forth an ungodly beast, damned from its creation, spitting suffocating lyrics with thunderous instrumentation of apocalyptic destruction, crawling from its fiery pit on its belly, engulfing everything in its path, coming for you, never to be stopped. This time, Hell has opened its mouth in Guernsey, in the English Channel, belching up an eight-legged hairy beast with a penchant for slow and heavly dark venomous doom, laced with fuzz and stoner riffs; Byzanthian Neckbeard make for an almighty sound.

Their debut From The Clutches Of Oblivion is a record full of noises which only usually circle in the pit of your stomach, it’s a record born of longing and despair, of frustrations and blackened minds. Opening track ‘Doppelganger’ creates  a horror story of your other soul reeking schizophrenic murder across your life, while ‘Indoctrinate The Priestess’ has a darkly delightful chorus of “Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore , For the glory of Gorea ,Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore ,For the Greater Good” all encased in stoner doom riffs to bask your meagre soul in.

There’s a tinge of humour echoing through the bearded four-piece, they’ve got a song about evil vegetation (‘Plant of Doom’) along with record closer, and joyfully titled ‘The Cyberdwarf’ (not to mention the artwork for their debut record! Have you ever seen a cooler skull?). Are they contrasting emotions (fun and doom) intentionally put together to create something different? It’s irrelevant really, as the tracks simply lay waste to your ear drums with their swathes of heavy blackened riffs of stoner doom, making everything else but the sheer destructive force of the music seem non-existent.

There are some dark, dark, dark days ahead in Byzanthian Neckbeard’s future, and the collective doom world cannot wait. 

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