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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

LP review: Reburn by Mother Corona

Imagine if you will Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) leading a Josh Homme inspired rhythm section and you get close to the awesomeness of this band, as Londoners Mother Corona release their second record Reburn through the WhenPlanets Collide label; and it’s an absolute screamer!
   From the outset, Reburn is brimming with heavy fuzz orientated riffage, melting layers and layers of heavy riffs atop of one another, driving the songs along as far as you think they’re going to go, before smacking you again with one more round. ‘Cut The Rope’, ‘Black Acid Morning’, ‘Dead Space’, ‘Preacher’...hell, it’s not possible to pick a standout from the mammoth 15 tracks on offer here. While the psychedelic tendencies explored on their debut Out of the Dust have mostly disappeared, leading the band directly down the stoner path, they have tightened immensely as musicians, with drummer/vocalist Dave O becomming much more of a presence behind the kit, as well as the mic, and the rhythms of Lee Cressey and Rob Glen have become so powerful and driving, that they basically mocking every other band with their prowess.
   Mother Corona have gone from a band to watch out for, to THE band to try and catch!

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