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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LP Review: 'Wildflowers Wither' by Wildflowers Wither

I had to close my eyes and let the blue notes of "The Old Oak" float by like soft, fragrant smoke. The legacy of the Chicago blues masters and the ghostly vocal melodies of Mad Season simmer just below the surface of Wildflowers Wither, the self-titled release. The record's expansive sonic palette makes me remember what I loved about Physical Graffiti when I first heard "Ten Years Gone." The beauty of Wildflowers Wither lies in the sparse dynamics that draw you in closer regardless of the volume level. "The Old Oak," "Damp and Grey" and "The Gypsy Song" lull you into Wither's realm and "The River" makes you stay. The final cut, "Lazy Lady" hearkens back to the early days of heavy, psychedelic rock with a riff so tasty it doesn't even need distortion.

From the website:
"Wildflowers Wither takes the loose analogue blues of the late 60's and melds it with a roaming groove and haunting vocal harmonies."

It's hard to find anything critical in what Wildflowers Wither is doing. The occasional organ distracted me from the captivating guitar tones but that's hardly even worth a comment. It speaks more to my own preference for guitars over keys.

Wildflowers Wither hails from Sydney, Australia and is the first solo outing by Kegan DeBoheme (The Gypsy Bangles). DeBoheme's vocal tone is sultry and in perfect alignment with his powerful songwriting. The delivery is heartfelt and honest, as though he was performing live in front of me. Even the visual aesthetic of Wildflowers Wither is poignant, eschewing the usual black and dark for an earthy, organic vibe.

I played this record three times in a row, front to back, while writing the review. When I finish, I'm going to listen to it again.


  1. Very cool, thankyou! Seventieeeees...

  2. OK....this stuff is great. Like a long lost 70's rock LP...

    Kind of Kansas, Eagles, A little Zep, but basically sounds like some long lost American Midwestern rock LP...nice guitar overdrive...I picture lots of Marshall JMP's with Tube Screamers...Les Pauls,

    A touch of Southern Rock with the duel guitar harmonies....GREAT GREAT GREAT MUSIC....this shit is SO good.....light a fat blunt, turn on your black light and look at your black light posters in your room...such chill music...a little hendrix meets Floyd....just a touch....nice guitar....great kick drum sound. A little Brant Bjork groove in this......fucking cool.....yea.........


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