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Thursday, July 3, 2014

LP Review 'You've Worn Out Your Welcome' by Tummler and Solomon

Although separated by several decades and a few thousand miles, You've Worn Out Your Welcome by Tacoma, Washington's Tummler and Solomon could serve as the soundtrack to The Blair Witch Project. Lord Paul Lyon's vocals are light, atmospheric and slathered in enough tasty reverb to make you feel as though you're deep in a primeval forest covered in mist. And yet Tummler and Solomon still bring the heavy. Austin Iverson drives the songs onward while bass guitarist and organist Matt Abramson lays down the fuzzy bottom end. The record opens with a trademark atmospheric and creepy vibe. "A Photograph of Lions" works up to a fuzzy, doom riff before "The Politics of Dying" changes the tempo and sonic texture of the album which is a subtle but effective change. "Climbing up the Curtains" is the most upbeat track on the record, providing a bit of hope for the future before Tummler and Solomon bring the doom yet again on the final three cuts.

Tummler and Solomon present a visceral experience in the mystic art of doom. You can feel the heavy vibes and can almost imagine the band standing beneath ancient trees while playing their downtuned guitars. Fans of heavy, moody music will love You've Worn Out Your Welcome. .

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