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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Sludge Bouillabaisse Volume II

I feel like a high school sophomore. My attention span now rivals that of a backyard squirrel, generating mouse clicks darted left and right as a panel of open windows guides me toward our next feature. Blame the bands, man. There's too much sweet sludge spit my way each week, it's just too damn hard to get through all of it. Throwing all the shit into the same rusty pot is the best I can do today. From the banks of the Scioto River to the seamstresses of Leicestershire, we're up to our elbows in thick mire from the world's furthest reaches. Lick your mouth's corners and get lost with a Tibeer Dühös.

Fuzz Lord - The Key in Silence

Straight outta hell via Ohio's backwoods comes Fuzz Lord's chop-block tandem of abrasive, swaying sludge-doom. At times numbing, other times staggeringly malevolent, these sounds hang torn fuzz tapestries and pan between aches and anxiety. Darkly soothing, lumbering and noodling between timber, this is Sunday's perfect drawn-out eye-rub.

Southerner 1779 - Milk

Oh, fuck. My skin wasn't ready to burn like this so early. This calculated yet chaotic debut track from one-man sludge act Southerner 1779 spills onto the floor and spreads the flames. Drums tin up and guitars dive due South on this frantic crawl through a dark basement. After five minutes of this, you may need a smoke and a shot o' penicillin.

 Garganjua - Trip Wizard (EP)

This beastly EP is loaded with gigantic, ominous moods administered slowly through hallucinogenic psych-doom haze. Dense sustain, thick riffs, and long hovers transform into riff-n'-roll stoner passages that recall eras past. Breathe heavy and turn down the lights. You'll wanna take in every moment o' these buzzing grooves.

Heathen Bastard - Self-titled

Opening on a bed of hot ash and glowing embers, Heathen Bastard's s/t opens up to awesome fat-riffing stoner sludge. Long drags on smoky doom ride this fuzzer straight into an approaching storm. As it smolders, it satiates. Heavy as fuck and damn-near perfect, these five tracks made my day.

Grizzly - Ride Along

Grizzly's first track since 2012's Fear My Wrath is southern sweetness glazed over rollicking angst. It offers an expanded breath at times, but whiskey and gravel marry and go down easy here. Picking up right where they left off, these Hungarians turn us into sweaty rag dolls, bind our extremities, and throw us head-first into a hot trunk. Welcome back, fellas!

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