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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: SMOKIN' BASEMENT

"It is a known fact that I am a total sucker for a great instrumental band. One of the most important elements for me is that the band does enough within each song to keep it interesting. Whether it is a great riff, incredible tone, a subtle key change or just gradual layering, that is usually what plays a huge part for me in liking an all instrumental band. One of my top picks last year was Montreal's Tumbleweed Dealer, this year it is Greek band Smokin' Basement. 

For the most part, contained within these four tracks is a trance-inducing and trippy vibe filled with appropriately placed guitar solos, flailing drum fills and hedonistic bass lines. Each song on the EP is aptly titled as you are transported into a journey filled with sun-drenched desert serpents and hazy swirls of smoke while methodically dodging immense particles of cosmic debris. 

As my ears get older and wiser, it is a band like Smokin' Basement that provides me the opportunity to chill without sacrificing my need for the heavy. Since this is only an EP, it gives me hope that there is a full-length in the near future. Download for FREE now!"

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