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Thursday, January 30, 2014

LP Review "Aeonian" by Ethereal Riffian

"Aeonian" is the result of the collective mind trip of Ethereal Riffian; 4 vibration shamans from Kiev who take psychonautical audio expeditions to unexplored heavy realms where they craft transcendent columns of brightly colored psychedelic fuzz supported by the unshakeable foundations of lowend riff-mantra doom. Ethereal Riffian, however, do not stop at simply repetitive doom and psychedelic fuzz metal, as an eclectic smorgasbord of vibrations are intricately woven into their heavy tapestry of illuminated sound. By exploring and then blending together the myriad of vibrations they discover, ER create an album that goes far beyond just 'run 'o the mill' psychedelic stoner rock and riff worshiping doom metal. "Aeonian" serves up a spiritual lesson.

There are riffs aplenty throughout "Aeonian" and they are delivered directly to your synapses from the off on the album opener "Thugdam (Sensation)". There is no time for introspective meandering or teasing with a preparatory minimal ambiance that inevitably leads to a stoner or doom riff climax as ER instead choose to launch head first into a blazing torrent of stoner metal explosions that immediately grabs and holds your attention whilst leading the way to spirit raising chants and heavy slabs of doom granite that slowly turn to shades of blissful psychedelia. A path is then laid by Ethereal Riffian that leads from the 5 sense prison to beyond the veil of illusion and reveals the hidden realms from where comes the source of all that we experience. We are then taken on a journey where spheres of blinding white light metal explode into endless meshes of vibrating riff heavy fuzz that are evoked by a boundless chanted mantra. The invoked astralscapes that burn into your third eye through the concentrated flame of white hot stoner metal provides a full blown psychedelic meditative experience without having to spend 10 years sat cross legged on a Tibetan mountain top or without having to imbibe and then purge a foul tasting root brew in the suffocatingly humid and insect ridden jungles of Peru.

What Ethereal Riffian deliver with "Aeonian" are infinite phases in sound that unfold like the petals of an eternal flower with each revealing a new dimension of hypnotically riff heavy and psychedelic stoner doom metal that is at least as transcendent as any of Om's spiritual workings and is, at times, as acid fried as any of Pink Floyd's weird sonic experiments. "Aeonian" is more than a fuzz and riff heavy stoner doom album, it is a valuable spiritual working; and with the aid of the book penned by 2 members of the band and which comes with the stunningly packaged CD, Ethereal Riffian offer themselves as learned guides towards higher states of awareness.

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  1. This is sooooooo good! 2014 is off to a very strong start with this work of genius.


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