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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Justin's Top Ten List.

I'm snowed in here in Michigan, but I'm lucky enough to have power and I've spent these last few cabin fevered days working through the past year's releases and deciding which ones really made an impression on me. I set a goal of ten for this list and after a bit of bargaining with myself, settled on the ten releases that I kept going back to this past year.

There are some obvious choices on my list. Some albums, some artists, you just expect to see. But I hope a few albums that might have gotten past you in 2013 will be brought to your attention now. To help get you reacquainted I've thrown in a song for you to sample, lest you forgot how awesome some of these albums are.

And here it is ladies and gentlemen, straight from the Polar Vortex, my Top Ten List.

10. The Sun & Sail Club- Mannequin = Gang Justice

9.  Mojo Waves- Lo! and Behold = Great White

8. Gozu- The Fury of a Patient Man = Bald Bull

7. Stone Magnum- From Time... To Eternity = Lonely God

6. Blood Ceremony- The Eldritch Dark = Witchwood

5. Beast in the Field- The Sacred Above, The Sacred Below = Wakan Tanka

4. Horisont- Time Warriors = Writing on the Wall

3. Age of Taurus-  Desperate Souls of Tortured Time = A Rush of Power

2. The Freeks- Full On = Secret Pathway

1. Monster Magnet- The Last Patrol = Mindless Ones


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  1. It appears I've missed too much this year. Thanks for the leads Justin! Great list!


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