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Thursday, December 19, 2013

EP Review - "King Goat" by King Goat

King Goat hail from Brighton UK and they have recently released their second EP of the year with their debut, "Atom" released back in March. With this s/t EP they continue in the same progressive doom metal vein they began with and they shine just as brightly; even more so, even. The doom on display on "King Goat" is masterfully delivered and is packed with gratifying nods to trad-doom riff work which will leave any doom metal fan most pleased with the riffs on offer from King Goat.

The EP opens with "The Final Decline" with some windy ambiance and cold but psychedelic softness which sets the tone for sparse but big thumps of percussion and a long droning throaty chant that gives an air of the mystical as the track unfolds and uplifts. The psychedelic jam turns heavily transcendental half way lifting you ever higher into a sky full of colors but it all quickly turns black as a barrage of classic in the making doom metal riffs and big gruff vocals breaks the hypnotic psychedelia and leads the way to horns raising guitar lickery and confident vocal work from the lead singer. The song twists and morphs towards the end with pace changes and interesting variations on the riff and all delivered with a serving of a trad-doom metal triumph which had me thinking of the likes of Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Reverend Bizarre.

"Cult Obscene" follows with a catchy bass riff and effects laden guitar noise while hard hitting drums herald more horns raising moments of prog-doom riff work and vocals. Pace changes and searing guitar licks tickle the back of your head as the vocalist belts out his words and wraps them around your head and a big stomping riff that is driven home by drum smacks that add more weight to the already weighty riff. The changing sections throughout "Cult Obscene" grab your attention and keep you listening as variations on the riff are explored and those hair and horns raising guitar licks take pride of place and provide much doom metal satisfaction. 

Lastly is "Melian's Trance" which immediately demands a double raising of horns with big Sabbathian riffs that lock you into a head nodding groove as the vocalist belts out his words again in a Rev Bizarre style of old timey doom. Mid way the song drops down into distant and gentle guitar plucks before an onslaught of big doom riffs gives the song a solid groove that catches you in a torrent of masterfully delivered and highly enjoyable prog doom metal.

This is a solid release from King Goat and you can hear this self titled now at their Bandcamp where you can also listen to and download their equally impressive debut release "Atom".

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