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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stoner Hands of Doom is Next Weekend

Stoner Hands of Doom XIII is right around the corner and this year's lineup may be one of the strongest ever. This year's festival features 38 bands over the course of 4 days and will be held at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia and we wanted to give you a glimpse as to what you can expect. Below you can find links to all the bands as well as the official Facebook page to keep track of the goings on. Also, you can listen to the The Electric Beard of Doom podcast to get you psyched for next weekend's festivities. Unfortunately, no one from Heavy Planet will be able to attend, but that is not saying we won't be there in spirit. We wish each band good luck. Enjoy the show and Doom on!

A.P.F. -Facebook
Admiral Browning- Facebook
Akris- Facebook
Backwoods Payback- Facebook
Beelzefuzz- Facebook
Black Thai- Facebook
Blind Horse- Facebook
Clamfight- Facebook
Compel- Facebook
Demonaut- Facebook
Destroyer of Light- Facebook
Devil To Pay- Facebook
Dirt Merchant- Facebook
Doctor Smoke- Facebook
Druglord- Facebook
Faces of Bayon- Facebook
Fire Faithful- Facebook
Freedom Hawk- Facebook
Gozu- Facebook
Grel- Facebook
Gritter- Facebook
Heavy Burner- Facebook
It's Not Night: It's Space- Facebook
Kin of Ettins- Facebook
Lord- Facebook
Oberon- Facebook
Order of the Owl- Facebook
Pale Divine- Facebook
Pike Possum- Facebook
Pillbuster- Facebook
Second Grave- Facebook
Stone Magnum- Facebook
Valkyrie- Facebook
VRSA- Facebook
Wasted Theory- Facebook
Weed is Weed- Facebook
While Heaven Wept- Facebook
Wizard Eye- Facebook

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