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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zac's "Quik Drag": Supervoid-Filaments

Supervoid - Filaments 

Some of the Heavy Planet crew, including myself, had the chance to catch Supervoid live in Pittsburgh at the 31st St Pub this past August. This local five piece got started back in 2012 and have been bludgeoning audiences with what Heavy Planets' very own Tobias Maximus described as a monumental mash-up of Lamb of God meets Mastodon. Having never listened to Supervoid previously, I had no idea what to expect. However, I was reassured by the band's tee shirt propaganda (Baroness, Immortal and Mastodon) that these cats were educated in the heavy and were going to deliver a hefty helping to the minute crowd that particular summer evening. 

Since that ear fuzzing and spine numbing evening, Supervoid have completed their debut release Filaments and given Heavy Planet the chance to preview it. First off, the wait was worth it and second, everything I was engrossed in at the smoke filled 31st St Pub has evolved into an interstellar road trip that you won't mind giving up shotgun, you'll just want to be part of the trip. These five musicians play off one another with such fluidity that the music becomes a cosmic river, rolling through both organic and man-made structures, eroding what was and transforming it into something new. Supervoid employ a sludge-coated trod at the core of their tunes and compliment the lows with a starry ascension. This creates a sort of ebb and flow very similar to the instrumental post-metal genius' Pelican and Red Sparrows, except here listeners are getting lashed with a diverse style of vocals, part Randy Blythe part Jeff Martin (Lo-Pan). Filaments does not simply rely on atmoshpere and ambiance, the group dive into the record like they were late for the party of the century. Coat of Luminous, our album opener, is full of fast strumming, catchy licks, and plenty of chances for everyone to sing a long. Quite a contrast to the space rock inspired, progressive side of Filaments. Stand out track for this listener is Wake of the Smoke Jumper. Implementing some steady bass drum thumps Wake of the Smoke Jumper quickly mutates as the lead vocals appear as an all devouring mouth monster gulping down the very ground before you. Some powerful female vocals (ha ha found out this is actually Brian) soar over-top the gritty male vocals in the chorus and the song recedes back with some cleaner plucking only to be overtaken again in a golden napalm shower. 

Filaments is a dynamic and surprising debut for these Pittsburgh'rs. Fans of progressive sludge titans Mastodon and the film Star Wars will certainly be smitten from the galactic style artwork with thematic gems hidden on the cover, the low n' slow burners and elephantine percussion.  Filaments is available now as a name your price download.  Be sure to get your copy or if you will be in the Pittsburgh area catch the release show with the mighty Orange Goblin at The Rex Theater [October 26th].         

Brian - Vocals 
Dave - Guitar 
Greg - Drums 
Joe - Guitar 
John - Bass

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