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Thursday, August 1, 2013

LP Review - "Hogslayer" by Hogslayer

Hogslayer are a sludge 5(?) piece based in South Wales UK. They formed in 2012 and feature members of British metalcore forerunners Shaped By Fate and sludge/doom instrumentalists Zonderhoof. After their demo release back in 2012, this, Hogslayer's debut long player, is a long time coming but is well worth the wait. I have seen these guys play live a few times and they truly fucking slayed each time so I am understandably very excited about this release from my fellow sheep shaggers from Wales.

Hogslayer deliver 9 tracks of grimy sludge with their S/T and from the outset of opening track "Nightfall On No Man's Land" this is massively evident as the track goes straight into some low down head nodding sludge riffs with Hogslayer avoiding any temptation to start with a long and drawn out intro. These boys aint messing about here so the listener is subjected to an onslaught of thick sludge, growled vocals and seismic drums as soon as your player counts 00:01.

"Down The Barrel" continues plumbing the depths of  the sludge-pit with a track even more filthy than the opener. The riff science on display here is awe inspiring and damn catchy to boot and one wonders how Hogslayer can pull anything more heavy out of the their sludge-bag but they manage to do it with ease with the follower that is "A Grudge In The Key Of Sludge." A great name for a great sludge song if ever I've heard one. Hogslayer are in no way noobs to the sludge game and any doubts will be slain outright when this track is heard. It is near sludge perfection.

"Broken Lung" takes Hogslayer's sludge journey ever onwards, showcasing the prime talent that this band possesses without dwelling too much on repetitive riffs by keeping the track short and sweet, which can be said for every track on this album. "There Was A Bloodbath" is nearly as brief at only a little over a  minute longer than its predecessor but is no less grimy, like the filth you find under finger nails after a long weekend of you can't remember.

"Viper Strike" lurches along at a slothenly pace, grinding out a dirge of grim doom and venomous vocals snapping fiercely at your throat which leads to the truly great "All Roads Lead To Bastard" with its simple but memorable riff that tumbles over and over, crushing everything in its path. Horns raising moments bring metal satisfaction but soon the tumbling crushing riff returns to continue burying into your head like a vicious black brain worm.

"Take Back The Hive" raises things slightly at first with an almost uplifting riff of encouragement but soon the sludge is dropped and destroys any tiny sense of well being you may have had. The lyrics growl of impending doom unless we "take back the hive" while powerful sludge work and thunderous drums drive the track along in waves of crushing pleasure but things don't end here. The final song "Right To Remain" finishes off this debut from Hogslayer in the same tone it began; huge and crushing sludge riffs, sneering throaty growls and cyclopean drum work played by 4 guys with pure sludge running through their veins.

Hogslayer are ones to be watched in the UK sludge and doom metal scene and this debut LP proves it. World ending sludge indeed.

Grab it now from their Bandcamp.

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  1. I absolutely love Hogslayer, Paul is a talent to be reckoned with and his band mates are ace one the back line, the screams on Viper Strike send shivers up my back.


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