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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Album Review: Lo and Behold! by Mojo Waves

Mojo Waves are a rock 'n' roll band from Finland. They perform as a power trio. They've just released their debut LP, Lo and Behold! Their music is a swirling amalgam of Desert Rock, Psychedelia, and Garage Rock. The drums are tight, the guitars chop and soar, and the bass keeps the whole thing relatively grounded. But the vocals are what separates this band from the hard rock pack. Arttu Kantola, who handles voice and guitar, belts and shrieks like a demented Burke Shelley, or the rebellious son of Tiny Tim. This approach to the vox is refreshing and distances the group from other bands fronted by Neil Fallon wannabes and grungey warblers.

But while the vocals are different, they are not employed as a novelty, like The Darkness used them. No, the vocals here are the perfect compliment to the crunch of the music, the high and sweet to the music's heavy and tough. This dynamic works great on songs like Skylight (personal favorite) where the guitar bounces like a tumbleweed in a twister, and the vocals soar above like an angel. Great White cleverly incorporates elements of surf music and hints at a sense of humor. And the closing track, It's Just a Road, Yeah offers some funky bass breakdowns and dusty guitar solos. The tune is a frenzied cliff hanger and the perfect way to end an album- going out swinging and making the listener want more.

Lo and Behold! is the first LP from Mojo Waves, and if the great songs on their debut are any indication, this young band will be big. You can say you heard them here first. Below is a short teaser, but the link to their Bandcamp page below the video is the way to go to hear these tunes in their awesome glory. 

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