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Monday, July 1, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: VOODOO MULE



A hybrid with an error, a not so clever idea gone worse, a menace that bucks you off with a hint of voodoo from under a top hat black….with a hint of sugar, spice and everything nice, that is how this sonic behemoth came about.

The idea behind Voodoo Mule was a simple one, no indie, just loud and filthy. These are the secret ingredients that bond together an ensemble of three with Fabo (ex-Eliminator) on drums, Matej (ex-Hare Krišna Hippie Groovies) on bass, and Jernej (ex-a couple of something that came out to be nothings) on guitar and vocals.

This is the form in which we`ve been working since March 2010 and performing since February 2011. We made our first recordings in February 2011 when we immortalized our first three songs that formed our first officially unofficial demo that bloggers labeled it to be stoner rock. Since then we have covered our homeland Slovenia throughout and our hometown Ljubljana several times as well, with disturbingly loud riff driven rock shows. Just  a couple of highlighted shows were at Mladinin over at Festival lent, Paranid Open Air and an opening slot for the legends of doom metal Count Raven in the opening days of Ortofest in Ljubljana and many many many more.

By the end of the summer of 2011 we set out to rehearse new material and make another officially unofficially demo which was released in the spring of 2012 to support upcoming shows and a Euro tour. The demand for voodoo vibes seems to be high as we`ve booked just shy of ten shows in the first two months of the mule being revived for public.

Our plans for the future are as simple as the basic idea that holds us together, play loud, play out, stay filthy and respect your roots.


"Thick, heavy and filthy are three words I would use to describe the Voodoo Mule. This three-piece Slovenian band has just released their latest full-length album "Voodoo Zoo" to the starving masses. For this album, the guys set out to make an album that is simple, heavy as fuck and loud as hell and I would have to say that all three have been masterfully achieved. Each song flows into each other effortlessly as the songs transition into form.  A heavy fuzzy solo greets you immediately on opening track "Honeyland" and promptly sets the pace for which you are about to receive from these almighty doomsters. 

The music continues with evil-riffing, bewitching guitar soloing and a supernatural disturbance. The vocals on this release are purposely buried in the mix and gives the album a darker and more foreboding feel similar to that of the Electric Wizard. 

The highmark on this album is the 18-minute plus track "Church Snake". You are kindly greeted by a wall of feedback until the song hits you in the face with a heavy force of doom. Around the 6:20 mark a single note beckons until silence subsides. Around the 9:00 mark you are greeted by an unworldly presence sounding as if the band is being suffocated by the heaviness of Beelzebub's foot. Actually this is an early demo that the band recorded and used a pocket recorder and a little studio magic to give it that inauspicious sound.

Take the Voodoo Mule for a ride today. It will be slow, heavy and deeply satisfying.
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