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Monday, July 22, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: TEMPTER



Year 2011 Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. In the shadows demons hear the call of the Tempter, the representatives of the dark have been elected and the agreement has been signed, Samoan Cazares and his soulless rithms, Cadaver Zermeno lord of time and Calavera Serrano decaying strings invoke the congregation and set in motion the epilogue to the present era of man. Shortly after the call comes to the voice of Waterfalls Hernandez who joins the covenant, and with his brothers carry the melodies of sin and damnation. 

So far Guadalajara has been the epicenter of the rites of initiation, the time has come, the fallen have to rise and proclaim their rightful place, the throne belongs to the Dark Lord and his sound is the gift to mankind.

Samoano Cázares - Bass
Cascadas Hernández - Vocals
Greñudo Serrano - Guitar
Cadaver Zermeño - Drums


"Incorporating equal parts stoner, sludge and thrash these 4 dudes from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México know how to bring the heavy. Channeling their inner demons, Tempter conjures up a swirling mosh pit of tar-glazed riffs, shredding metal groove and head-banging fury. Tunes such as the aptly titled "D" (which I assume stands for Demon/Devil) and the heavy blues of "Lady Stoner" show the band's penchant for all things evil. Throw in a some psychedelic sound effects and an obsession for eighties metal and you have the makings for  one hell of a five-song skull-bashing. Fun times!!

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