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Monday, July 8, 2013

New Band To Burn One To-HIRAM



Formed Hiram (with Sam Woodcock on bass) in 2002. We played a handful of shows and produced some demos. Sam left in 2005. We conceived 'If Up Were Along'. We hooked up with Sam Jacob (bass) in early 2006. We recorded 'If Up Were Along'. Sam left us to land yonder in 2007. Then we jammed for ages and it was great. We wrote 'See The Thing Within The Thing' and 'Love's Lock' from the material produced in this time, and recorded both. Tommy Binks joined us (bass) in July 2011.


"For many of you the "New Band To Burn One To" has become a place where you can discover new and upcoming bands, this band we chose for you today is not exactly a new band in the true sense of the word but rather a band that we think deserves your attention. Hiram is a band that can be loosely classified as progressive sludge but in their hearts are just a metal band that plays music that they want people to hear and enjoy. Hiram has been tooling around since 2002 and have issued a few full-lengths and a couple demos all for free might I add. Hiram is passionate about their music and that passion rings true and clear. 

Now on to the music...

On their latest release, "See the Thing Within the Thing" we see the band taking a more progressive approach to their music by layering in elements of hardcore, doom and a hint of psychedelia. Crunchy guitars, inspired vocals, odd time signatures and soft passages run rampant on this release. The standout track on this album is the 12-plus minute tune Respiration (Calm and Deep). It has sort of a HUM influence with it's soft yet heavy dynamics and has some killer riffs and string bends. The soft, subtle and jazzy feel of 17-plus minute album closer "It Can't Come Quick Enough" shows the bands genre-defying influences, an absolute jam showcase. As evidenced by the two previously mentioned tracks, the band is highly skilled in their musicianship and song-writing abilities. Not taking anything away from the first four tracks on the album, but these two tracks were such a beautiful thing, no pun intended. Take a listen to these guys and then become a fan. I did."

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