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Friday, June 21, 2013




We are called "While A Mortal Albatross Makes Noise" and formed last year.
All of us are Nanzan University students and are in our twenties.

Akihiro Ito (Bass and Vocal)
Ryosuke Okubo (Guitar)
Sou Yoshizawa (Drums)

We like Doom/Stoner rock. For example, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Halfway to Gone and The Heavy Eyes. 

Here are our songs.


"All I have to say is two strong and inviting words...FUCK YES!!. Over the past 5-plus years we have never featured a "New Band To Burn One To" from Japan on Heavy Planet. Well the time has finally come! We knew that some great bands existed in the land of the rising sun (Boris, Corrupted, Church of Misery) just to name a few, but somehow the country of Japan has eluded the hallowed pages of Heavy Planet. Today we introduce the muddied blues doom of While a Mortal Albatross Makes Noise (pretty badass name huh?). Their latest EP is filled with nasty down-trodden heaviness that will leave you in awe. First track "(Kill With The) Gauntlet" starts out with a steady bass line. The song gradually progresses with a snapping snare and a heavy fuzz that  leaves your ears ringing for hours. The fuzzfest continues on the unwavering stoner rocker "Black Hawk Down". My favorite track "F.A.D." is up next,  a heavy blues jaunt complete with a great groove and sing-a-long vocal that  is totally infectious. The tone is absolutely absurd around the three-minute mark. The EP unfortunately has to come to and end but not until you are blasted by an aural explosion on closing track "Outsiders". The lyrics are sung in the band's native tongue which adds to the regionality of  the band's sound. This is heavy music as heavy music should be played. Highly recommended for those looking for some new Stoner/Doom." 

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