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Friday, June 14, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: HUGE RAT ATTACKS



Huge Rat Attacks was formed 2002 in Minneapolis, MN by two brothers, Jason and Justin Oehrlein, in their parent's basement. Soon, they were joined by their good friend, Casey Holmgren, who brought his bass as well as the band name just in time for their first album 'Montana'. They toured the country with Tora! Tora! Torrance! several times until !TTT! broke up in 2004. Jon Tester (guitarist with !TTT!) united with the Huge Rats shortly thereafter. Jon dove right in and Huge Rat Attacks' sound was finally complete. They recorded their sophomore album 'Cougars' a few months later, expanding on their already full sound.

In 2007, during a band hiatus, Justin moved to Los Angeles and Jon moved to Denver. Neither would be gone long, and when they returned in 2009, the band reformed and starting writing new material. They recorded their third full-length 'Organic Babies' with Neil Weir at the Old Blackberry Way during several recording sessions in 2012. The album's sound shows the band maturing and honing in on their Black Sabbath-meets-Grunge influences.

Jason Oehrlein - guitar/vocals
Justin Oehrlein - drums
Casey Holmgren - bass
Jon Tester - guitar


"Ok, so Huge Rat Attacks is not per say a new band, but they do have a new album out that you should give a listen to. The third full-length album for these guys titled "Organic Babies" is an amalgamation of various parts of grunge, stoner, psychedelic and progressive elements. Using a ton of reverb, the band blasts through   eight killer tracks heavily influenced by the seventies. With a repetitive and driving rhythm, title track "Organic Babies" is filled with psychedelic guitar solos and a very "organic vibe". The album has a great flow as each song seems to fit very well with each other. The song "Wheel" has a Neil Young-vibe while next track "Heavy Jelly" puts you on your ass with a heavy crushing riff. The vocals are very soft and sometimes unhearable in the mix, but I believe that to be the band's intention because the music is the main focus and is mixed very well with each instrument being featured nicely. My favorite track on the album is "Detonate". It has a terrific and bombastic riff which guides the song. If you haven't ever listened to Huge Rat Attacks, there isn't any better time than now!


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