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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Plant Tribe / Traveling Circle


Plant Tribe: Loose Marbles 

This weeks 'Dose is full of celestial Shangri-la psychedelia and we are going to lose more than our marbles with the first shot, Plant Tribe and their 2012 release Loose Marbles. You see, where most psyche-rock musicians focus strictly on the fuzzy and aerial atmosphere Plant Tribe are a little more rock-driven which brings a carefree and rollicking attitude to the trippy and transcendent sound. Melding the worlds of psychedelia and acid rock with fervent progressive rock this Santa Ana, CA based sextet waste no time in getting those hips shaken. Each track gush a good-time vibe with a paramount role coming from unlikely instrument... a saxophone. Pat Diederichs' sax presence not only stands-out when the other musicians bend the limelight his way but also when he finds himself in the mix infusing a new plane in the sonic-soundscape. Please don't take this as Pat-only praise. Plant Tribe as an entity act as a well calculated chemical composition, sure to change the natural frequency of your cerebral center. If I would have found Loose Marbles last year there is a strong possibility it would have landed on my personal favorites of 2012. Spend some time rockin' your marbles off with my favorite funky track Wrapped Up In The Hustle below or pick up your own copy at Under The Gun Records.

**Limited Edition Cassettes are available at bandcamp**

Eric Contreras - Drums
Jameson Lecky - Guitar
Jeff Ziemba - Vocals // Percussion // Harp
Jon Cox - Guitar // Percussion  
Pat Diederichs - Saxophone // Keys // Percussion // Backing Vocals
Phil Lemke - Bass



Traveling Circle: Escape From Black Cloud 

Drifting through the wormhole, Brooklyn's Traveling Circle has landed here at Heavy Planet with their latest release Escape From Black Cloud. Adjusting the cosmic index this trio has found a time warp that emits authentic psychedelic frequencies. Honestly, if I didn't share these details with you, you would believe this is a rare psychedelic find from an ancient Syd Barrett side project. The album begins the interstellar saunter with Higher and soon moves into The Candlelight Sway, one of my favorite tracks. The repetitive and uplifting note progression of The Candlelight Sway builds the foundation of a heady track that is crowned by Dylan's soprano vocal delivery. This style of singing enhances the entire atmosphere of Escape From Black Cloud and that atmosphere is full of progressive intricacies that will blur your brain waves. As the astral journey reaches the depths of the Psyche Traveling Circle set the dial to hypnotize, where we find ourselves floating in the mix of a laser battle, soft spoken lyrics and more soprano serenading. The escape concludes with Tears From The Soul, a deep cut into the solar fabric of the kaleido-sphere. Here we are greeted with more of that classic soprano singing and some of the most glorious percussion and drumming I've heard from a psychedelic outfit. Check out the video for Closer, one of the most spell-binding tracks from Escape From Black Cloud, below and set your controls for the heart of the sun.


Charlie Freeman - Bass // Backing Vocals 
Dylan Maiden - Vocals // Guitar 
Josh Schultz - Drums // Percussion

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