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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Special Edition: New Band To Burn One To-Mothersloth, Death Rides a Horse, We Hunt Buffalo, Voltron, The Gentlemen Bastards

February 26, 2008 marked the date that Stone Rider was the first band featured on "New Band To Burn One To". I am proud to say that we have now featured over 650 bands as a NBTBOT as we like to call it. Some of those bands have gone on to achieve monumental success while others let's say, unfortunately have not. The staff here at Heavy Planet strives to put as many bands out there as humanly possible meaning that many bands are often not given the promotional push they need. We would love to feature every band that submits their music to us in some sort of way, but we do have a set of rules for bands to follow when submitting their music to us and that can be seen at the following website:


The most common reasons for not getting featured are:

1. No Biography
2. No Websites of any kind (Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.) believe it or not, we still get bands that use a MySpace page, seriously!?
3. No Music, yes seriously, no music. Don't ask us if you can send it, just send it!
4. "This is our band" + Bandcamp link=nope!
5. We are a STONER ROCK/DOOM website. No upcoming brilliant Rap stars please!
6. Being completely unprofessional. 

We bust our asses off for your success and because we love new music. The least you could do is like our Facebook page, put the feature on your Facebook page, or this is the easiest one, Thank Us!

  With that all being said, here are 5 bands that recently got overlooked for one reason or another.


Madrid based band formed in 2008, started playing live in Spring 2011 , Released first EP Hazy Blur Of Life in December 2012.

"Spain's Mothersloth chugs along leaving a trail of slimey riffs and doomy grooves in the vein of Black Label Society."




Classic female-fronted metal band from Denmark

"Awesome female-fronted heavy metal with doom leanings. Powerful and melodic vocals soar over the distorted punch of the guitars. Terrific stuff for classic metal fans. Re-released their EP "Tree of Woe" back in December 2012."




Vancouver, Canada's We Hunt Buffalo produces guitar and synth driven riffs, seeped in a copious amount of fuzz. Their catalogue is an eclectic mix, filled with hard-hitting grooves and psychedelic overtones. It's QOTSA, Fu Manchu, Red Fang and Mastodon distilled effortlessly into a sound all their own. In concert, We Hunt Buffalo captures the audience with their tight and powerful live performance. It's a culmination of years playing music togther in a small Vancouver suburb. If you like it heavy, you'll like We Hunt Buffalo.

"For whatever reason, we overlooked this massive frenzy of foot stomping groove and rumbling heaviness from our northern friends We Hunt Buffalo. Cool tricked-out fuzzy vibes fill the air on this stellar release from 2012. " 



We are Voltron. Voltron is Victory. Doomcore-BlutgrÃĪtsche from Berlin, Germany.

"Voltron simply put is evil, cold and twisted. Guaranteed to have you pissing your pants in terror, sleeping with the lights on and hiding under the covers after listening. Voltron have created some of the most menacing and terrifying doomcore that I have heard in recent years. Absolutely devastating stuff!"



The Gentlemen Bastards are a rock band from Alabama.

"The Gentlemen Bastards play a southern-infused brand of bluesy heavy rock that is meant to be played at loud volumes until your head explodes. The band believes that rock is headed in the wrong direction and through their passion and conviction are making it their goal to set it straight. I believe that they are doing just that. Rock on Gentlemen!"


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