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Friday, April 12, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: MAMMOTH SALMON



Mammoth Salmon is a Portland, Oregon HEAVY ROCK band. 

Band members:

Paul Dudziak- Guitar/Vocals/Bass
Mitch Meidinger- Drums


"I was sent a demo of Portland-based band Mammoth Salmon's "Internet EP 1 " back in February, now before I have a chance to feature it the band goes and puts out "Internet EP 2". The way I look at is double the pleasure from this dynamic duo. I guess it would be cheating if all I said about this band is that they are HEAVY! But, one-word descriptions are not my thing so I shall elaborate. 
The "Internet EP 1" whets your appetite with a slow and penetrating march guided by a "mammoth" riff which swims along with evil bends and unparalleled heaviness. Crushing guitars and sonic blasting eventually gives way to a jaggly twang, but before you know it that wonderful and deafening heaviness is back. The vocals sneer and chop through the distortion with a full-on belly yell. I told you these dudes were heavy. 
And the heaviness continues...
"Internet EP 2 continues right where EP 1 left off. Slow penetrating grooves, undeniable riffing and "noisy" soloing. Oh and yes, the fucking HEAVY! The simplistic nature of the band is what makes them so appealing. Play your instruments as hard and as loud as you can but with smart song progression and a bit  of melody that consumes your soul. The bell-like tone of the guitar on EP 2 closer "Magnetic Fields of Radiant Light" rings out as a beckoning call to come and hear the heaviness of the Mammoth Salmon!"


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