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Monday, April 15, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: LIQUID SILK



Liquid Silk are a heavy rock faction from Berlin who deliver real grooverock, peppered with a lot of stoner, blues, and psychedelic rock. The whole thing is served with a sound that originates from 70s heavy rock and has been optimally influenced by the stoner rock band Kyuss.

Liquid Silk transport you to a time when the streets were still dusty, delivering a real desert sound. 

Some songs remind you of good ol' rock music, e.g. The Doors, Free, and The Who. Other strong influences are Led Zeppelin, Clutch, Graveyard, and Black Sabbath. 

To put it simply, Liquid Silk make 70s-retro-stoner-blues-psychedelic rock with a desert groove. 

Band Members:

Andolin Sonnen - Drums
Dennis Hempfing - Lead Guitar
Georg Michael - Vocals, Guitar
Roman Vigdortchic - Bass


Liquid Silk have created a beautiful version and rendition of stoner rock on their self titled debut EP. The stand out features are at least three. Georg Michael's vocals are unique and perfectly suited to their music, as well as to the stoner rock sound altogether. It has a deep and agile quality that grabs you during softer moments as well as moments of high energy and emotion. The overall Liquid Silk sound is perfect stoner/desert rock with loud, fuzz filled guitars cranking out innumerable riffs and licks in a beautifully deep and low tuned quality, displaying a perfectly executed level of distortion and tempo. The 4 songs of this EP are well written, full of melody that would have sounded right at home on a Kyuss album. These are not the only positive qualities to be found on the record as bass and drums display intrigue and satisfaction in perfectly complementing the two guitars, while the overall sound of the band as a whole, richly textured and brilliantly executed, delivers a new and unique stoner rock compilation that is at once familiar and new. 

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