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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: POHL



First joining forces in 2011, Bristol-based POHL are a power duo comprised of Will Pearce and Jamie Thompson. They combine tortured vocals, octave driven guitars and breakneck drumming with a genre-melding songwriting approach that has earned them comparisons to Big Business, Sleep, Melvins and early QOTSA.

With a penchant for alcohol and all things heavy, the duo draw on a wide range of influences from the schools of grunge, stoner, doom, noise rock and hardcore, whilst remaining uncompromisingly experimental and original.

2012 has seen them earn a reputation for their intense live shows and gain critical praise for debut EP ‘POHLSMOKER’ which is available now from Future Noise. Plans for 2013 include a full length LP, a European tour with fellow Bristolian noise-mongers Sonance, and a plethora of dates throughout the UK. In case you were wondering, the band pronounce it ‘pole’. You can pronounce it however the fuck you like.

Will Pearce - Guitars/Vox/Octave
Jamie Thompson (Sonance) - Drums


"If you were a fan of grunge back in the early nineties and were left hanging because groups like Creed, Nickelback and Matchbox Twenty stole the airways, then you are in for a sonic revelation. I was always in search of the less radio-friendly offerings from acts such as Mudhoney, Gruntruck and Tad to name a few. The latest EP "Pohlsmoker" from Bristol-based duo Pohl will absolutely sit you on your ass and reaffirm your trust that good music still exists. The heavy grinding fuzz and slam-you-against-the-wall chorus of noise of Pohl will amaze. Although the band is only a two-piece they lay into their instruments with remarkable fury and precision. The songs churn with hints of Sonic Youth, early Smashing Pumpkins and various states of grunge and stoner influences especially those of the minimalistic variety. The vocals are mainly hidden in the mix and are primarily yelled as if they are another layering unto this steady and rhythmic head-thwarting buzzfest. I can only imagine how incredible these dudes would be in a live setting. As their Facebook page address says, Pohl Rules! Indeed!!"

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