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Monday, March 18, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: BUSO VON KOBRA



Drop tuned guitars, melodic vocals, mid-tempo songs, straddle-legged epic rock poses, lots of beer and energy drink, and some spirit. In 2008 these things blended together in the Buso Von Kobra feeling. Since then we added visual effects, special montages from classic Z-category movies by Ed Wood (Bride Of The Monster and Plan9 From Outer Space) and from the cult sexploitation and zombie motion pictures. So BUSO VON KOBRA band makes audiovisual gigs that activates all of your senses.In January 2013 we released a 5 song EP that’s available for free download. We plan to release another 5 pieces EP later this year.

Vox - Rob Csordas
Drums - Tom Kiss
Bass - Tom Benedek
Guitar - Akos Berke


"If you like your rock with a bit of gusto like I do then you will appreciate the melodic and heavy sounds that Buso Von Kobra have created for you. Featuring soaring vocal harmonies, tight riffs and an insatiable appetite for cheesy yet out of this world horror flicks, Hungarian band Buso Von Kobra coil themselves around an undeniable melody and don't let go. Their latest EP features five superb jolts of, dare I say, "radio friendly" heavy rock crunch. Songs such as "Action/Reaction" and "Away" are just dying to be heard. This shit is solid!"

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