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Thursday, March 7, 2013

LP Review - Ingot Eye by Tentacle

I have returned, and thankfully unscathed from my deep explorations of those doomed and sludgy caves carved out by those prolific men of heavy called Ice Dragon; but only just. My sanity is shaken and I fear I shall be forever plagued by nightmares having heard what I have heard and seen what I have seen; and for the second time in less than a year with Ice Dragon's slow and low and dirge filled bottom dwelling alter ego.

What started with "Void Abyss", a sinister portent of a dark chronicle; I had discovered that this black creation had recently been followed by another even more gruesome selection of slithering and slimy songs, or terrible curses to be more exact. And so it was that I chose to once again plumb the depths to discover what these high priests of the low had buried deep within their blackened chamber.

In my explorations of the deep I soon found that I was pursued, hunted if you will, by a sprawling loathsome Tentacle that had me all at once by its suckers and proceeded to fill my mind with unimaginable horrors; horrors that came to me in 4 sinister and black meditations collectively named "Ingot Eye" and each with an odious title and each a sonorous dirge of filth; a veritable drone of hideous vibrations and ominous deathly drums of doom, over which a high priest of the deep chanted incantations to those long forgotten gods of old. Those things which should remain forgotten, buried as they are in some slimy subterranean tomb or in the very deepest depths of some primordial ocean.

The first of these curses was titled, "The Blackness of My Soul Will Be So Great as to Make the Night Weep" and it was a herald to my certain doom where my sanity was shaken to blackened bits. My senses reeled with the stench of sludge that dripped upon me and which was smothered all along the cave like a foul mucous that gripped me and that is when I heard the Tentacle approach me from behind, aided by the tortured screams and howls of the Cthulian high priest. For over 11 minutes I was subjected to a soul devouring terror the likes of which no man should have to witness and expect to be the same man again.

For a brief moment there came the relief of silence only for the high priest to sing a disgusting drawl of tortured madness whilst a slow oozing riff of grimness and pounding deathly rhythms threatened to bring the cave falling down upon me, crushing me with the heavy weight of a curse named "Dull Ache (I hate Myself Today)". All of my worst fears were realised in an instant, all hope was lost as the Tentacle loomed over me and threatened to seize and trap me deep down within the bowls of the earth. Brief was this black lament until again a breath of silence before the third curse was laid upon me.

"(Revenge) Dust for Blood" was spat at me in a crawling mass of sickness for over 12 minutes. The high priest howling, the deep reverberations and the thudding ritual drums gave power to the Tentacle as it slimed its way through the maze of caverns. A lurking fear of grimy muck entered my ears and swilled about my mind, squeezing my brain with a hateful pressure. A ponderous, sickening ode to a deep dwelling beast that should never see the light of day.

Then the final curse of "Our Serpent Mother's Kiss" saw the Tentacle grip me and tighten its foul suckers around my body, crushing me with its filthy sludge, eked on once again by the mad chants of the Cthulian high priest that brought me to a dark meditation. The filthy dirge squirmed on with a pounding of the earth to drive it forward, my sanity shattered then whilst the Tentacle claimed me for its own.

I am forever haunted by my experience, dear reader. I do however urge you to plunge yourself into the depths where the Tentacle resides, so that some of my burden may be shared. That way I shall find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one to be driven insane by the loathsome curling slime of the Tentacle that lies deep below, waiting and dreaming.

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