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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: LOWBURN



After a short hiatus from music Tomi Mykkänen and Henkka Vahvanen from Battlelore started jamming stuff together. Soon it was decided that we need to form a band for the jams. Miika Kokkola (founding member and original bass player from Battlelore) was contacted and asked if he wants to jam with us. He did. We played and jammed a few times and then it was decided that second guitarist would not hurt. Miika said that he had already talked with Tommi Havo (another original Battlelore member) about the project and that he was very interested. So, enter Tommi and on that rehearsal we made the first real song. On the second rehearsal we made the second song and then we realized that we had a band.

Henkka Vahvanen - drums
Miika Kokkola - bass
Tomi Mykkänen - guitar and vocals
Tommi Havo - guitar


"What do you get when you combine a band consisting of past and present members of epic metal powerhouse Battlelore and their fondness for the likes of Kyuss? LOWBURN of course!! Straight forward crushing rhythms, crunchy desert grooves and a bellowing howl set the tone for this furious and passionate 4-song debut EP. Unlike their Tolkien-inspired Middle Earth "fantasy metal" theme from Battlelore which portrays them as furious warriors, Finland's Lowburn strips that all away and lays waste to the land while gliding along in their neck-snapping desert cruiser. Feel the power of the burn!"


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