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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: THE WELL



The Well are a power trio that have been exploring the darker side of the music spectrum through doom-laden sonic landscapes and haunting lyrics for the past two years. On the tail end of a former project guitarist Ian Graham turned to his past for inspiration, embracing his childhood passion for all things metal, all things dark. He was transported back by nostalgia to a time where his school desks were covered in pentagrams, his teachers glanced askance at his decision to read Aleister Crowley while his peers were force fed state-mandated curriculum designed to shape them into “functioning members of society”. Remembering the consistency, adventures spent laying in his bedroom, staring at a star-covered ceiling, with Black Sabbath blaring into his headphones, Ian began writing music even his angst ridden 10 year old self would approve of. Big riffs, walls of sound, slow, relentless, heavy. Teaming up with bassist Lisa Alley and drummer Jason Sullivan, the three spent months schlepping equipment to and from a local practice rental space, dialing in their sound. Their debut show came on July 4th, 2011, playing a metal-laden fest headed by Austin’s Stoner Metal mainstay, The Sword, and they haven’t stopped working since.

Their sound has been compared to everything from Electric Wizard, Wicked Lady, Sleep, Green and Wood, Saint Vitus, and of course, Black Sabbath, while managing to remain something entirely its own. One glaring innovation shines through in The Well’s vocal stylings, Ian and Lisa deliver their transcendent tales in unison so in sync that it is said to be difficult to tell whether there’s a single entity, or an entire chorus reciting each song. Supported by lyrical depth made capable from a lifetime of drawing poetic influence from the likes of Joyce, Pound, Yeats and Baudelaire, the vocals dance amongst the driving bass, war-mongering drums, and floating, merciless guitars, weaving a scene both desolate and hopeful, crushing and inspiring, unforgiving and consoling.

Based in Austin, TX, the band has worked with individuals at the top of the music industry. In the spring of 2012, they recorded their debut 7” at The Barbeque Shack with Tia Carerra’s Jason Morales. Following this self-released demo, The Well came back to the studio this fall, this time recording their first full-length LP. Produced by Mark Deutrom of the Melvins, Sunn O))), etc. and engineered at Ohm Recording Facility by Chico Jones.


"As I started to listen to the big meaty riffs and cool retro fuzzy feel of Austin-based band The Well, one thing that stood out was the unique vocal layering of male/female vocals. The two sing in unison in a rather slow and lethargic fashion amongst wah-wah doom riffs and a slow steady tempo. With all of the key ingredients and industry luminaries in place, The Well are primed to make their upcoming debut one to watch out for in the year 2013. Great stuff!"

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