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Monday, December 3, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: LIMB



Limb are a London-based quartet who deploy crushing riffs, rhythms and vocals, all housed in a vat of slow-churned tar that fans of Goatsnake and Weedeater will lap up. It's not all crushing atmospheres though: the band shift up through the gears with ease to deliver driving rhythms and galloping riffs in 'Black Rat' and 'Dead Voice', both of which take you back to glorious classic rock hooks of the '70s. The band are also not afraid to ease up on the attack either: there's an undercurrent of barely restrained melody, most prominent in the stripped-down passages of the opening track 'Daemoness', whose vibe is that of AmRep records or even Neurosis.


""Angst-ridden, thought-provoking and heavier than your mom, these London-based doomsters take their Doom to a whole new level. The music is sludgey, slow and a whole ton of heavy. Lead track "Daemoness" is a skull-rattling slab of progressive sludge while second track "Black Rat" evokes a huge and glorious stoner riff which leads into the elephantine stomp of "Dead Voice". Three songs that will leave a massive imprint in your mind and this is only a demo. Hell fuck'n right. Doom on Limb!"


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