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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Celestial Machine / Linus Pauling Quartet

Celestial Machine: Desolation 

Celestial Machine is a monster six-piece group from both the Saskatoon and Regina areas of Canada. The band has meddled in sludge and death metal in the past and decided to break down some boundaries with their latest release Desolation. In addition to the synths and clean vocals the band has added a historical and geographical accent to Desolation in the form of the native language to that part of North America. That language is Cree which is a aboriginal language. So, what is the outcome you ask? A sludgy, ethereal, and original sound sure to catch some attention. All the pieces aren't in place yet, but definitely keep Celestial Machine on your radar. These six have colossus potential and I cannot wait to see it unravel. Check out Desolations' title track below and drop by bandcamp to download and stream Desolation and other past releases!


Adam W - Drums 
Darius S - Vibraphone // Keyboard 
 Harley K - Vocals 
Jake L - Guitar 
Mike G - Bass 
Reid G - Guitar


Linus Pauling Quartet: Bag of Hammers

Linus Pauling Quartet is a Texas band, with a Texas sized discography, and a Texas sized history. Welcome the Linus Pauling Quartet and their excessive and over-sized take on psychedelic stoner jams entitled Bag of Hammers to the Double Dose! Bag of Hammers is LP4's eighth release and will certainly have your bong back-firin'. The grooves are gratuitous leaving a jam band taste in your mouth. Don't fret though, because LP4 do not get hokey and certainly won't turn the party into a yawn-fest. Check out their killer claymation video for the introductory track Crom, which just so happens to be my favorite track.


Carol Kelly 
Charlie Naked 
Clinton Heider 
Flip Osman 
Larry Liska 
Ramon Medina 
Steve Finley


  1. I really do not feel the clean vocals for celestial machine, too off and pitchy... is it better live?

    1. Thanks Brad, I haven't had the chance to see the band live. Anyone else get a chance to experience Celestial Machine live? Opinions?
      Doom on!


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