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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Abstracter / Madre De Dios

Abstracter: Tomb of Feathers 

Abstract. Ethereal. Fathomless. Just some words that come to mind while experiencing Abstracter's summer 2012 release Tomb of Feathers. The album packs a monstrous forty minutes into three tracks. Each tracks shows a grand depth in atmosphere similar to post-metal geniuses Isis. Listeners can find the bass tuned to 'earth-shatter' mode and the vocals scorch from blackened screams and growls to melancholy cleans. Truly another step into, if I may borrow a phrase from Mr. Aaron Tuner's book, 'thinking man's metal'. Check out distorted nightmare that is To Vomit Crows below and stream the rest of this behemoth at bandcamp.


Ben - Drums 
Jose - Bass
Mattia - Vocals 
Robin - Guitar


Madre De Dios: Sin Rabia Al Nacer 

Unfortunately, I cannot speak Spanish. Although, lucky enough for my Spanish speaking friends Madre De Dios and all the readers here at Heavy Planet, I fluently comprehend what their saying through their gritty mixture of stoner grooves and punk intensity. The release has a fine ebb and flow from bass laden fuzz, guaranteed to have your head buzzin', to straight up punk noise and anxiety. Check out my favorite tune Sanatorio and listen for that extra fuzzy bass! The entire album can be heard streaming at soundcloud.

Jonas - Guitar // Vocals 
Milo - Drums // Back-up Vocals 
Rodrigo - Bass // Back-up Vocals

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