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Monday, October 29, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: DEADWEIGHT



Born in a wind tunnel, Deadweight has been Chooglin' for quite some time. Exploring the inner workings of Rock and Roll, and Pabst cans, they have found what they believe to be the ultimate formula for a pint of steady rock brew. With our monolithic guitars, caveman drums, blitzkrieg bass, apothecary vocals, and our keynilgus, we will help you free your body and mind.


"The new EP from Oklahoma band Deadweight is a fusion of sixties-inspired psychedelic rock and seventies-inspired blues rock albeit with a modern spin. The first track "Lady" has a Black Crowes influence while fourth track "Silver Buckle" has that haunting Doors inspired sound. The vocals are amazing and are well-suited for both styles. The organ adds that creepiness factor to the songs giving it that backwoods swamp feel as the pounding rhythm and wailing guitar rips mammoth solos as the the songs intensify. The band ends things on a high note with the heavy-blues romp of "Gannymead". This EP is chock full of influences and styles which leads to the question...which direction does the band intend on taking their music? I for one would be very interested in hearing. For now I will just enjoy this EP over and over again"

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