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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Album Review: The Sword - Apocryphon


For a band that started off as complete strangers, they are not doing bad at all! They have gone from playing in small clubs to opening for Metallica. Six years and three albums later their enormous debut “Age Of Winters”, The Sword is back in 2012 with their new album called “Apocryphon” which has all the potential to blow your mind away.
After a few listens, it is safe to say that the band has evolved immensely since “Age Of Winters”. They have grown as musicians and this does not mean they have softened! They still write kick-ass tunes full of crunching guitars, fearless lyrics, great hooks and awesome melodies to sing-a-long to.
“Apocryphon” is musically in the same vein as their previous release “Warp Riders”. Some new stuff has been added to the mix though, for example some subtle electronic elements that give some extra magic to their music. Another detail noticed was the fact the guitars were much more up front and in your face. Kyle Shutt and J.D. Cronise shine! The vocals are getting better from album to album and they continue to have that Ozzy-like hint which is fantastic and completely suits the Sabbath vibe in some of their songs (“Seven Sisters” for instance).
All this added up with their great songwriting skills and we have one hell of an album here! This is their best album to date hands down. I advise everyone to put this record on, grab a glass of your favorite liqueur, light one up, sit back and enjoy the riff fest!

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  1. Awesome review! This album has really got me into the Sword. The sound of this album really transcends a lot of the traditional metal stereotypes while not losing the band's essence. Can't wait to see them live next week and hear it all like Eyes Of The Stormwitch http://bit.ly/Tu0pGx

  2. Loving the new record! The Sword are such a great band, and I'm looking forward to more released from them!


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