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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Shape of Nexus - Negative Black

I ask any supposed doom fans, have you ever shared a bed with a Woolly Mammoth. If the answer is yes, you might be able to fathom the type of love-making that went on and was recorded to create this record.
Black Shape of the Nexus' Negative Black. It's a behemoth of ferocious magnitude and an ancient sound. The tambre evokes Dopethrone-Era Electric Wizard.

1."Illinois"- The opener is the traditional astral drone. Irksome atmospheric guitar blisters and howls. This tune is long, sonically over-powering and nasty. A mood-setter.

2."400h"- A ferocious and pummeling gallop dominates here. Squelched delayed vocals permeate the background. The tune builds into trippy dissonace before burning into a demonic key shift.

3.60 WV- Another sludge debaser, this one punches at an slow grind and trembles others. It delivers Om-like mischief with slow consistent repeated passages of the bVII to the I . 

4."10000 uF"- A 20 minute long dirging trip of chaotic doomness. Punchy gallops herald the intro, which whirls into another droning tapestry of slow nasty ideas. It eventually crashes into a swirling shrieking noise experiment.  

5."14d" - Continues with the thematic passages of droning soundscapes previously explored, sort of has a bell curve of potency and slowed down catastrophe before slowing down into the depths once more.

6."RMS"- A trippy guitar laden voyage of whispers and echoes. A mellow noise track to whisk in more time before the menacing finish to the record.

7. "Neg.Black"- Has some of the the longest overdriven sustains anywhere. Ever. This one bleakly roars until a tribal series of movements around 15 minutes. There is some interesting sound experimentation, feedback melting and large drum room sounds give a lo-fi vibe.

A decent record from an artist gaining some degree of klout in the doom realm. Grab this one by the tusks!


  1. there's no business like slow business! doom on!

    1. yep! slow, dark and heavy as hell!!

      if you want to know more about B.son you can read this interview I did with them a few weks ago :


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