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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Axes / Reign Of Zaius

Axes: S/T 

Every now and again we find oursevles pissed off and the stoner jams and doom and gloom just don't cut it. Sludge may come close, but sometime the intensity of a do-it-yourself hardcore style band hits the spot... and when that band mixes some NWOBHM and hints of stoner jams we head-bangers find ourselves in a deranged state of bliss. If you're pissed today, I just may be able to help you out. Today's first helping are a hardened stoner band Axes from Rosswein, Germany and their self-titled EP. This one goes by in a flash, about ten minutes... but the angression is quality and will have your fists so swollen you'll need to retire to something a little more easy listening. Go pummel with my favorite track Vows, hell the intro is all cow-bell and one of the dirtiest bass-lines this year...

Florian - Bass 
Max - Drums 
Patrick - Guitar // Vocals

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Reign Of Zaius: S/T 

Our second shot for this weeks "Dose" are less aggressive, excrusciatingly groovy, and an excellent follow up now that Axes has aided in releasing all of that pent up rage. What we have here under the Reign Of Zaius is a doom drentched take on rock n' roll that should turn that post-apocalyptic grimace on your face into a blinding smile. The tunes are quick and snappy, with the bands chemistry plays fluididly off one another. I'm also feeling a Steve Tyler vibe from Viking's mighty throat. Join the Reign Of Zaius as they defend the faith with their self-titled effort in this devastation that was once paradise...

Brady - Guitar 
Brian - Drums 
Davis - Bass 
Viking - Vocals


  1. Angression! I love it. You're right about "Vows", it kicks ass, as does the rest of this beautifully raw EP.

  2. Thanks! Axes is my new go-to workout tunes.


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