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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Band to Burn One To: Satellite Beaver

Heavy Planet presents . . . today’s “New Band To Burn One To”, Satellite Beaver, hailing from Warsaw, Poland.

Band Bio:

Satellite Beaver are a hard rocking Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Poland.

The members are:

Simon the beaver – vocals, guitars
Tom the beaver – guitars
Mad the beaver - drums
[place your name here] – bass guitar (searching for new one at the moment)

Satellite Beaver play a hard hitting blend of Stoner, Sludge, Doom and Hard Rock to brilliant head-banging effect.

From the band (paraphrased):

"Have you ever tried to imagine yourself as a hairy space dozer furious enough to destroy planets? Not very likely, but now the time has come to confront one face to face.

Formed in Warsaw in 2008, Satellite Beaver search for their own style and they are more stubborn than Sisyphus himself. Inspired and influenced by traditional grunge and stoner rock genres, the band has come a long way to the point where now they are searching for the thickest guitar strings and biggest crash cymbals ever created. What’s more, they have dared to spread their “tune it lower” philosophy during live performances with local and foreign stoner bands such as Belzebong, Luna Negra / Tres Perros, Karma To Burn, and Mars Red Sky.

Satellite Beaver are preparing brand new material for their debut album release, but before that happens, some chapters have to be closed. That’s why “The Last Bow” EP has been released. It contains 4 tracks composed in 2010-2011, which provide a point of view at the direction the band now moves toward: from the catchy, rock’n’rollin’ ‘Way before’, through the classic stoner track ‘Pershing’ and the slower ‘Urania’ to the gloomy and massive ‘Roadtrip’ track, which is closest to the style the band’s digging at the moment."


Satellite Beaver have distinguished themselves in more ways than one, not just with this EP, but by their presence as an up and coming rock n’ roll force, displaying an incredible imagination and a big blazing bazooka of a rock n’ roll heart. They seem to have found the sound they love, have embraced it whole-heartedly, and apparently have decided to launch a full bore, all out assault on the world at large, turning the tide of heavy music toward the purest of rock genres, using the weapons they know can turn the tide: the biggest, loudest, testosterone fueled, nitro burning guitars and drums the likes of which you’re not likely to hear anywhere else. Take a listen to the new EP “The Last Bow” and be prepared to be literally blown away by a quick, but complete onslaught of 4 of the finest stoner, doom, sludge rock songs compiled together in a single place. The band is proudest of the final track, “Roadtrip”, saying it represents the direction they’re headed, but all tracks are ass-kicking landmines of explosive stoner treasures. 

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